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shakinghandspeople.jpgOur Pledge to You (cntnd)

AIT is committed to working with you - our client - directly to design the software you want. Very simply, AIT listens to what you are saying and what you are thinking to design the application you are expecting.
We will never talk you into anything you do not want. Unlike a lot of our competition we are not looking to add things to your invoice list. We are looking to add components to your programs that make your company life easier, efficient and more user friendly. AIT wants you as our repeat client, not our one time customer.
AIT's reputation is built upon strong business relationships that we have earned through our honesty and direct line of business. You can contact us via telephone, email, snail mail or any other way you prefer. The bottom line is that you will contact us when you try. On those off moments we may grab a bite to eat at lunch, your call will be answered the same business day.
Our Pledge to You - to treat you as our long time client that we are looking forward to forging into another project. To bring you the service that you personally and your company deserve. No matter the size of the project.  Products and Services

peopleontopofbuilding.jpgOur Values 

AIT values the price of a dollar. And, we value good quality for a good price. At AIT we strive to maintain a high level of integrity and values. We stand by our products, service and our word.
AIT promises that no matter the project, no matter the product or client or venue that you will be treated fairly. You will always receive courteousy and honesty with every word we say or write. Our goal to ensure every individual, no matter the size of the project or company, is treated with the respect every person deserves.
We believe that just because something is affordable it doesn't have to be poor quality. We value you our customer and we value your opinion of us. And, we are always open to listen to our clients thoughts and always looking for new ways to strive to be the best. You are our business. And, your opinion matters.
You picture it - you dream it - we bring it to life. No strings attached.  Products and Services

diskstack.jpgAIT aspires to provide the foremost software and Internet development resources available with the most competitive rates and packages possible. AIT strives to create the most effective package by working with each client individually; whatever the software need.

Adding to an existing software package or creating it from scratch, AIT is capable to forge your ideas into a reality.

By taking the time individually to meet with potential clients we look to create long term professional relationships where our name is synonymous with quality and customer care. Our methodology emphasizes strong customer-driven interaction and development - to ultimately provide the client with the best possible personalized solutions



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